Sarajevo Classroom Update Dec’09

4 yr old on the autism spectrum in Sarajevo

We have heard some wonderful news from Sarajevo and I have to share it with all of you.

This comes directly from Dzevida, our colleague in Sarajevo who is the Classroom Coordinator, a Speech Pathologist, and my dear friend.

“Two important things happened at Monday 12/07. First, Director of Mjedenice center come in our classroom. His plan is to have classroom at Mjedenice centre for preschool children in spectrum, which will start at September in 2010, and Nirvana [A behavioral psychologist from the US] will work there one year  with people who work in Mjedenica and University students too. He ask for help , if you can buy materials, which he cant get here , he will pay for that, and his wish is to have support from yours team in educating people. I think this is great !

Second….last night I work on writing project for getting fundings for next year. We are on the road again, I’m in again. I’m in team with Kornelija, Edina and  Mirza. Lejla will give us a support for getting money from government. In new project we will work with 8 preschool children for 5 hours, and after that we will have speech and language therapy for 4 school children. Plan is to employ 6 professionals and 1 coordinator (me).. We need a lot of money (about 131 000 KM).”

What excellent news! There will officially be a second classroom for children on the Autism Spectrum in Sarajevo starting Sept 2010!!! There is a plan to secure funding for the current classroom and the dedicated professionals currently in the classroom are moving forward with enthusiasm. Hooray!!!

One other thing… one of our teachers from the US that served on the 2009 volunteer team received a personal message from one of the professionals from Bosnia we trained last year. This was a teacher that had to go to great lengths to be a part of the seminar and classroom training. During the seminar, she sat in the front everyday, she asked questions and was genuinely interested in doing her best for the children. During the classroom practical training she took on the hardest child, and loved him completely and shared in his joy when he learned to do something independently. We were fortunate to have her with us. This is what her message said, “For now, the classroom exists, and I hope it will last. Don”t know what will happen in the future, but I honestly believe  that this-what you do, and all of these great methods you apply in your everyday job- is the best that these kids can get from us..

Who would have believed a year ago we would be here now???

Looking towards Tuzla for 2010, I am still in the process of identifying the team and identifying the seminar location with the Bosnia planners. We have a date for the Bowling for Bosnia event, so save the date! March 7, 2010 we hope to raise $45,000… will you help us????


3 responses to “Sarajevo Classroom Update Dec’09

  1. Still, after a year, I am in awe! It’s surreal! From one classroom, we are birthing others and it’s such a great feeling to hear how much the people of Bosnia are becoming more encouraged. There is hope!!!!

  2. I am only one,
    But still I am one.
    I cannot do everything,
    But still I can do something;
    And because I cannot do everything
    I will not refuse to do the something that I can do.

  3. This is the season of miracles and what I just read was a miracle. The people I met in Bosnia were the type that could move mountains. It might have been a slow start, but now that they have begun to move the mountain, nothing can stop them!

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