Tuzla Classroom and Training Center

Wonderful news! The classroom and training center has been identified and the Bosnia team has received official approval that we can use the space for one year! Professor Amela took some pictures from her cell phone and sent them to us. I love what she said, “I can see the castle it will be…”

It is quite a bit larger than the space we had in Sarajevo. This Kindergarten is currently empty and we have total use of the entire space, including the classrooms, kitchen, bathroom, dining space, etc. I will have more details of the space when I go to Bosnia in April. Stay tuned!


2 responses to “Tuzla Classroom and Training Center

  1. I’m excited! I will start gathering some art from work to bring over and I’ll check on some borders. There is so much space…not use to that at all.

  2. Hoping you can compile the list of things we need to make and things we need to buy for the work day….We have to put that on the calendar soon!

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