Tuzla Classroom Summary

Hello again! We apologize for neglecting this blog for so long. In reviewing the information, it even came to our attention that a summary of the 2010 classroom was never posted, yet one was written. See below for the perspective of Marty Smith, a SPG: CSI 2010 Volunteer.


Hello! I’m Marty Smith.  I just finished my undergraduate degree in speech-language pathology/audiology at the University of North Texas.  Lacking the extensive clinical and educational experience of my fellow team members, I was privileged to learn from them and especially from the local professionals in this field.  These teaching interactions speak to the complexity of a project like this one: within our limited timeframe, we worked at teaching the local professionals and not as directly at working with the children.  This made the open social, academic, and work-related conversations with local professionals expotentially more rewarding.

There are so many stories that we could relate about this classroom week, so I can only try briefly to tell a few that stuck out for me.  One young child, after being prompted repeatedly to use PECS to indicate his needs, told his therapist: “I know speak.”  Another came to us in such a shy and reserved manner that only imitating us, smiling, and laughing was a cause for teary-eyed celebration.  An older student smiled continuously, seeming to keep a secret from us, even as he reveled in the sensory room, delighting especially in the ball pool.

This experience was beyond what words can explain, and I have no doubt it will make a lasting impact on my life and so many others. See the SPG: CSI website for pictures of our experiences. spgcsi.org


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